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Social Media updates
Social Media updates

Social Media Updates in July - 

Facebook Tests New Info Labels for Branded Content Partnerships

 - Information labels testing by Facebook  for branded content collaborations, improving transparency for on platform ads.

Facebook Announces More News Programming for Watch, Releases News Schedule

Facebook has released it's first news programming schedule, and announced a new set of news programs. 

Facebook's Adding New AR Ads Which Will Enable Users to Virtually Try On Products

- Facebook's testing out new augmented reality ads which will enable users to virtually try on products from the News Feed.

Facebook Will Begin Testing a New Highlights Option for Facebook Stories Content

- Facebook's looking to add a new Stories Highlights section for profiles, similar to what's available on Instagram.

Facebook Adds Stories Archive, Enabling Re-Use of Stories Posts

 - Facebook has quietly rolled out a new Facebook Stories archive, enabling users to keep their Stories updates for re-use.

Twitter Account Removals See Users Lose up to 70% of Their Following

- Twitter's crackdown on inactive accounts has seen some of the larger Twitter profiles take big hits in their audience numbers. 

Twitter's Adding a New Option to 'Dock' Videos so You Can Keep Watching as You Scroll

- Twitter's adding a new option which will enable users to keep videos playing on screen as they continue to scroll through their timeline.

Twitter is Testing New Promoted Trend Ads, Featured in the Main Explore Listing 

- Twitter is testing out a new, prominent ad format within its recently updated Explore tab.

Twitter to Remove Millions of Accounts from Follower Numbers as Part of New Push

- Twitter will remove around two million inactive accounts from follower numbers as part of its latest efforts to improve the accuracy of its data.

Pinterest Adds New Group Collaboration Tools to Boost Engagement

- Pinterest has added a new set of group collaboration tools for group boards, expanding the apps potential.

Snapchat Releases Latest Update of Trending Topics on the Platform [Infographic]

- Snapchat has released its latest trending topics report, highlighting all the key trends gaining traction on the platform.

Snapchat's Reportedly Developing a New Visual Product Discovery Option

- Snapchat is reportedly working on a new option which would enable users to search for product matches by 'scanning' real world objects with the Snap camera.

Instagram's Making Shopping Tags in Stories Available to More Businesses

- Instagram plans to give more advertisers access to its Shopping Tags for Stories ahead of the holiday season.

Instagram Officially Launches Question Stickers in Stories

- After being spotted in testing, Instagram is now officially launching its new question stickers in Stories

Instagram Rolls Out 'All Caught Up' Tool, Tests Option to Mute App Notifications

- Instagram is adding new measures to help users keep track of their in app actions and limit notifications.

Instagram Expands Test of Questions in Stories, is Trialing a Persistent Stories Bar

- Instagram's giving more people access to its new Stories questions tool, and testing a different layout option to emphasize Stories.